7th pay commission for armed forces will it be separate from civilians?

Many are asking about what about 7th pay commission for armed forces will it be separate from civilians?

Yes, We all knows that Govt. constitutes pay commission every ten years to revise the pay scales and has constituted Six Pay Commissions so far since Indian Independence and after modification (Minor) it is also adopted by the States, but now Indian Armed Forces will have its own separated pay commission for pay revision and benefits providing to the Defence Personnels only, this will be first time in Indian History after independence.
On the demands of all three Chiefs of Indian Defence Services (NAVY, ARMY, Air Force), Central Govt. has agreed to separate or unlink the pay revision of defence personnel from the Civilian Employees and form their own separated pay commissions for Military Personnel in 2013. more over a strong objection was raised by those three services chiefs that there was no military representative in the panel (this panel was setup by the PM in July Under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary consisting Four IAS Officers as its members), which to look into demands of the defence personnel for pay parity with Civil Services.
The actual demand of the Defence Personnel is to grant non functional upgrade in the pay to the armed forces on the lines of the IAS and the fact that it would be decided only by the IAS is not well accepted by the Military Chiefs, they were demanding for One Rank One Pension (OROP) for retired personnel and OROPay for those who are still in action, following for fixing rank pay and fixing pay structure for personnel below Officer rank and Jr. commissioned Officers.
Taking into accoutns of all these facts the defence minister Mr. Antony had written to the PM and conveyed him that the defenc epersonne, ex-servicemen and the pensioners were agitated over the pay anomalies and corrective measures must be taken soon.

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  1. Dear sir
    Im a Sailor of INDIAN NAVY. I want to share some words with u…
    1-Why Sailors die day by day in INDIAN NAVY. Why they cant get their actual Right.Why a sailor demorlised day by day in service. Why sailors are leaving the service after 15yrs.

    2-Why the Risk,Hard Living allowances are different for sailors and officers,When the sailors r doing more hard work (put risk to their life) compare to an officer.

    3-Why the salary is so much different between officers and sailors.

    A sailor in Indian navy will do hard and physical work. either he is onboard a ship, submarine, marcos, commando or any other hard station or normal station. They also Work in all critical areas. But they cant get their actual Right.

    A sailor has more knowledge about the equipment as compare to an officer. Each branch sailors have more knowledge about their equipments as compare to officers. But What is a Sailor ? Sailor is always a bloody sailor..

    (-> A sailor cant go on his leave on time .
    ->All Rules and Regulations are only made for sailors.
    ->Promotions r not given on time.
    ->All activities are made for sailors.Then why the salary difference is 3 times between officers and sailors.
    Is a sailor made only for doing work. N finally kab tk -jab sare sailors ek-ek karke apne ko shoot na kr le tb tk… ..

    y sailors r not allowed to go in officers party like Navy Balls n Diwali balls etc while officers can always come to Sailor’s parties .
    y d family accomodation difference is so much ???
    y d ration difference is so much ???
    y there is uniform/ clothings difference???
    y everybody cant sit together in cinema, If all civilians can sit together in every theatre?? Y special place for all d officers???
    y a sailor’s family and an officer’s family r treated with difference(in any situation dey should b treated equally bcoz dey dont work in navy)
    just like everybody is equal in sports field, battle field and parade ground there should b no difference in hospitals n canteens too.

    Bhai log agr aap kuch isme add krna cahe to jrur krna plz… .
    n ise itna fwd kro ki desh ke PM tk pauch jaye..

    1. bro……. jawans are treated like indian during british rule. its called officerbaad…. and it is in our blood from since british rule. as you may know during british rule, it was clearly written on offr. mess , Dogs and indians are not permited inside……same like rule is going on

  2. bro……. jawans are treated like indian during british rule. its called officerbaad…. and it is in our blood from since british rule. as you may know during british rule, it was clearly written on offr. mess , Dogs and indians are not permited inside……same like rule is going on

  3. jawans are dogs in armed forces they are treated like dogs ….let me give a simple example . there are 20 ac in offr. zym and in jawans mess …….even no cooler is provided

  4. In the army, PA gets X group pay for doing work of single officer but 1 cleark do the all works of a company including officers but he got Y group pay. WHY ???

    Cleark can do the all works of PA but PA can’t do the work of a cleark. This is the fact.

    1. Hey bro its a very simple reason man that they need a educated sevadar hence x group pay is given to pacify them. They call themselves PA but r gud 4 nothing and incompetent in official work.

  5. we are with you frnd go to continue like this comment because sailors are not writing to higher authority and they are shooting themself. they should come forward with comments. every sailors has writt 02 comment daily about Navy daily life.

  6. Sir; me Mar 2016 me pension ja rha hoo so 7th pay commission me mere ko kya benefit hoga or pension kitni banegi

  7. What are the benefits of joining in Indian Air Force as a Technical Airman? Long training, long working hours, maintaining and repairing the highly sophisticated and costly machines, but restricted to remain in the lowest pay band, starting from joining to leaving the service (initial bond of 20 years). This may be also a reason that very few of these highly skilled and experienced Technical Personnel of the IAF, extend their services after completing their initial bonds. The service loses the experience and the skills, but who cares? It takes years to know the sophisticated airborne machines thoroughly and by the time he learns, the initial bond ends and he finds no reason to extend his service further, because of the low salary and the very least chance of getting any further promotion. Is it the loss of the nation or the organization?
    Technical Airmen of the IAF are either a civil diploma holder or 10+2 in Science. After their training, they become equivalent to a civil diploma engineer but the reason is unknown why they are placed in the lowest pay band (5200-20200) with an X group pay of 1400 Rs. only. The civil diploma holders are directly placed in PB-2 with a Grade pay of 4200 Rs. Can I say that, this is gross injustice and discrimination towards the Technical Personnel of the IAF?
    Further, a civil diploma engineer starts getting degree engineer’s scale in 10 to 12 years, after getting promoted to an Asst Engineer or an engineer, but for a Technical Airman, even to get a diploma engineer’s scale, he has to complete a minimum of 13 years of service, clears all the relevant exams and becomes a SGT (Supervisor), but does he get the diploma engineer’s scale then also? You will be astonished to know the fact.
    In 5th Pay Commission: Civil diploma engineer: 5000-150-8000 / Pay of technical SGT: 4670-85- 5945. Later upgraded to 5000-100-6500 (Why? Who cares?)
    In 6th Pay Commission: Civil diploma engineer: 9300-34800 with a grade pay of 4200 Rs. / Pay of Technical SGT (fact but true) 5200-20200 with a Grade pay of 2800 Rs. only. Why this sort of discrimination and injustice? For how long this exploitation will go on? Thanks God, the attained basic pay can not be reduced.
    The 5th and 6th Pay Commissions did not look into this matter. I had a great expectation that the 7th Pay Commission will ultimately take care of the Technical SGTs of the IAF, but as usual, it also did not remove the above mentioned pay anomalies. There is no dearth of good politicians and bureaucrats in our country. Why they have not intervened so far? Why the every Pay Commission has neglected the status and pay of the Technical Airmen of the IAF? There can not be any argument that higher ranks deserve higher pays, but does that mean the subordinate staffs need to be suppressed and paid less? I request to the PMO and the competent bureaucrats please intervene at the earliest and remove the pay anomalies of the Technical Airmen of the IAF.
    Now come to the point of Military Service Pay. What does that pay means? Commissioned officers 15500/-, military nursing officers 10800/- and the ranks, placed below the commissioned officers, only 5200/-? The subordinate ranks, including the JCOs, SGTs are less military than the military nursing officers? Do the JCOs, SGTs take command from any military nursing officer? During the war or exercise, will the military nursing officers guide the JCOs or the SGTs what to do? If no, then how a non combatant staff will draw more MSP than the Combatant Personnel? If this pay is related to the status and rank, then why this pay is waived off for the higher ranking officials? I suggest renaming this pay as military status pay, else MSP must be made equal for each and every combatant member of the armed forces.
    The pay anomalies of the Technical Personnel of the IAF must be sorted out at the earliest, because sense of prejudice, sense of neglect and low morale may become a cause for any fatal accident, involving the experienced men and the costly flying machines and the nation will ultimately bear that loss. It then needs to repurchase those costly machines again and again, for smooth functioning of the organization. A developing nation, like us, can not afford that. (Views expressed are my personal)
    Just a thought:
    (67 years of independence. Still we could not become a developed nation. Is there anything wrong in our thinking? Are the rich becoming richer and the poor poorer day by day? Are all the citizens treated equally? A copier’s brain can not be compared with that person, who invented that machine. Why we don’t move forward with our own thinking? Why some of us still follow the selfish mentality of the pre-independent British people, in our own Independent country, when they themselves do not maintain that in their own country? Leave aside any reason, I just want to see my country a mighty developed nation before my death. If I happened to visit any developed nation, the people from that country must look at me with respect and say, “See, that man is from India, a mighty developed nation, like us.” For that, we need to change our thinking. The country first, self afterwards.)

  8. I m also a sailor in Indian navy… All above points are correct….I m agree….but what the government has been doing… Why don’t the government think about the soldiers…. They always prefer officers… Is a sailor do less work than that of an officer, ? No…. A sailor works hard than that of a a officer…but there is so much differences in every thing like salary, facilities, uniforms…….. Hamari government hi andhi h…. Kuch v nhi dikh raha is andhi government ko…. Kuch nhi ho sakta hai is desh ka. . Jisme savi paapi h…

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