7th pay commission for armed forces will it be separate from civilians?

Many are asking about what about 7th pay commission for armed forces will it be separate from civilians?

Yes, We all knows that Govt. constitutes pay commission every ten years to revise the pay scales and has constituted Six Pay Commissions so far since Indian Independence and after modification (Minor) it is also adopted by the States, but now Indian Armed Forces will have its own separated pay commission for pay revision and benefits providing to the Defence Personnels only, this will be first time in Indian History after independence.
On the demands of all three Chiefs of Indian Defence Services (NAVY, ARMY, Air Force), Central Govt. has agreed to separate or unlink the pay revision of defence personnel from the Civilian Employees and form their own separated pay commissions for Military Personnel in 2013. more over a strong objection was raised by those three services chiefs that there was no military representative in the panel (this panel was setup by the PM in July Under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary consisting Four IAS Officers as its members), which to look into demands of the defence personnel for pay parity with Civil Services.
The actual demand of the Defence Personnel is to grant non functional upgrade in the pay to the armed forces on the lines of the IAS and the fact that it would be decided only by the IAS is not well accepted by the Military Chiefs, they were demanding for One Rank One Pension (OROP) for retired personnel and OROPay for those who are still in action, following for fixing rank pay and fixing pay structure for personnel below Officer rank and Jr. commissioned Officers.
Taking into accoutns of all these facts the defence minister Mr. Antony had written to the PM and conveyed him that the defenc epersonne, ex-servicemen and the pensioners were agitated over the pay anomalies and corrective measures must be taken soon.

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